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Ethics requirement
Because of the sensitivity of its activities and the expectations of its customers, Eurotradia International is acutely aware of issues relating to business ethics and the risk of corruption, and conflicts of interest in particular.
It was in order to control these risks that Eurotradia International introduced a compliance programme in 1999 and adopted rigorous requirements in matters of prevention as well as changing its organisation to ensure their strict application. This programme, which is regularly reviewed and adjusted, resulted in a true workplace culture.
Eurotradia International has been BS 10500 certified since 2014, considered the most comprehensive reference framework in the area of corruption prevention. In 2016, Eurotradia initiated a certification process in accordance with the new international standard ISO 37001, which corresponds to the requirements of the Sapin II Law. The company obtained the certification in March 2017.
These certifications recognise the resources deployed to ensure the company's rules and procedures satisfy the highest international standards.